Barista Courses

Would you love your team to be more passionate about making coffee?

Would you love your team to be more passionate about making coffee?

Do you wish your team would care a little more about the customer's enjoyment of their cappuccino or latte?

The quality and consistency of the coffee served in your cafe, restaurant or bar can be greatly enhanced by the skills of your staff.

Cafeology can guarantee to be able to put the passion back into coffee making for your team. Each of our courses is individually tailored to meet your needs. A great deal of care and attention has gone into growing, picking, roasting and packing our coffee and this can be lost in a few short moments. However, making coffee with the right training means this skill can be perfected to produce the optimum drink and make sure that the customer enjoys the coffee at its best.

Cafeology provide full barista training courses based at our training centre in Sheffield, or if you prefer we are able to train on your site. Alternatively we host special tours of our roasting facility and can offer on site training by prior arrangement.

Both full and half day courses are available.

Course content includes:

A Short History of Coffee - the journey of the coffee bean

The Perfect Espresso - the knowledge to make consistently good coffee

The Coffee Machine - the function of the machine explained with an emphasis on how to maintain and care for your machine

The Grinder - calibration of a grinder and how to identify the perfect grind

Milk Foaming - key factors to help you get your milk silky, glossy and smooth

Ethical Sourcing - Fairtrade and Coffee Kids - what does it mean? Who does it benefit? Whereabouts in the world?

Ongoing Auditing - we are able to audit your staff to ensure that the knowledge acquired is used day in, day out to ensure vital consistency

To find out more about how we can tailor a barista course to suit your needs please contact us on 0114 255 8007.