Cafeology Service Department

Through our subsidiary company, Cafetechnology, we offer a comprehensive service package to cover the whole of the UK.

Through our subsidiary company, Cafetechnology, we offer a comprehensive service package to cover the whole of the UK.

Through our subsidiary company, Cafetechnology, we offer a comprehensive service package to cover the whole of the UK. This can be arranged as an annual maintenance contract or on a Pay As You Go basis should a breakdown arise or a service is required.
It is our aim to minimise coffee downtime with a range of options to suit every customer.

Help is available to all. It is not necessary to have purchased your equipment or coffee from us to benefit from our service expertise.
We can service the majority of makes and models of coffee equipment. Where it is not possible for us to service a machine due to a manufacturer protecting their supply of spare parts and technical knowledge, we will make you aware of this from the outset.


"It is of paramount importance at Cafe 1844 that our coffee machine is kept in full working order. Cafeology have helped us over the last 12 months with our equipment maintenance.  We have found the service to be second to none, with a professional but friendly approach. On each occasion we have found that our machine will be fully repaired at the first visit, the personal service provided is found to be excellent and far superior to our expectations.

The engineer is always friendly and approachable nothing is too much triuble amd he always goes the extra mile."

Martin Lyttle Cafe 1844


Prevention is better than cure.

We offer preventative maintenance, Water filtration and the correct cleaning materials for your machine. All these things combined will help to keep your machine reliable, prolong the lifespan of equipment and ensure that the coffee served is good enough to promote extra sales.

Water Filtration.

We recommend the use of a good quality water filter. A good cup of coffee needs some mineral content but too much calcium will build up in a machine boiler and components in the form of limescale.

Limescale is the only natural predator of Espresso machines in the wild!

Limescale will block valves, cause leaks, cost extra energy to heat water and could lead to a boiler failing a safety inspection by an insurance inspector. The only cure for a machine that has fallen prey to limescale is to dismantle it and acid bathe all components that have been in contact with water. This very labour intensive operation requires the machine to be taken from site and is an expense that could be avoided.

A good water filter system will regulate the correct amount of mineral to ensure good coffee and will treat the water to minimise limescale build-up. The full information on how this is achieved can be viewed here

We supply the Everpure Claris system. This utilises a head and cartridge. The cartridge can be exchanged by a simple twist and pull out of the head. This can be done without tools or training, allowing replacement filters to be despatched for customers to self-fit, achieving massive cost savings over traditional exchange filter systems that require a visit from an engineer.

Cleaning Materials

We offer a range of professional coffee equipment cleaning chemicals and tools. Our knowledge of equipment allows us to recommend the correct powder, liquid, tablets, brushes and backflush plates for your machine. Cleaning correctly is essential to the taste of the coffee and the reliability of the equipment. We can provide advice on correct cleaning procedures for your machine.

Contact us on 0114 255 8007 if you require any further information.