Coffee Beans

Our range of Cafeology Fairtrade and Triple Certified Coffee Beans

Our range of Cafeology Fairtrade and Triple Certified Coffee Beans

Fairtrade and Triple Certified Coffee Beans


  • Cafeology Fairtrade Latin Espresso Beans

    A full flavoured smooth and round espresso. Medium to dark roasted so flavour comes through milk based drinks. This espresso is rich, sweet and balanced with notes of burnt toffee and caramel.Medium to full bodied. 

    Flavour strength 3.

  • Cafeology Fairtrade Decaffeinated Beans

    This medium to light roasted decaff espresso gives you all the flavour minus the caffeine. A crisp fruity acidity with a nutty flavour profile and caramel finish. Medium bodied.

    Flavour strength 2.

  • Cafeology Triple Certfied Beans

    This blend of coffees which is certified Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance is medium to full bodied. The combination of South American and Indonesian coffee blends together sweet notes of caramel, smooth  malty tones with a chocolatey depth to add body to the blend.

    Flavour strength 4.

  • Cafeology Bird Friendly RSPB Beans

    A rich and smooth single origin coffee sourced directly from Guatemalan producer group Asociación Civil Guaya'b - a   cooperative of around 300 indigenous farmers in Huehuetenango near the Mexican border. The coffee is grown under a diverse   shade tree canopy at a high altitude, allowing the plant’s cherries longer to mature, which makes for an excellent  quality, denser bean with a unique taste.

    Flavour Strength 3.