Fairtrade Chocolates & Sugars

Cocoaology Fairtrade Hot Chocolate

We have been a pioneer of Foodservice Fairtrade Hot Chocolate with our sister brand Cocoaology. We offer a rich, creamy soluble hot chocolate specially formulated to run through dispense equipment. In addition we have our fantastic bar hot chocolate for use with steamed milk.

Our bar hot chocolate is normally used with traditional espresso equipment where steamed milk is used. It has such a high cocoa content (minimum 32%) that water must not be added to this pure, natural product. The cocoa is produced in the Dominican Republic by the well respected Conacodo and Yacao Co-Operatives.

  • Cocoaology Fairtrade Bar Hot Chocolate

    We supply our bar hot chocolate in convenient catering pack size tubs of 4 x 2kg, each containing a scoop to ensure portion control and consistency.

  • Cocoaology Fairtrade Instant Hot Chocolate

    Our instant hot chocolate for use through dispense equipment to be added to water is in a pack size of 10 x 1kg bags.


Cafeology Fairtrade Sugars 

Our Cafeology Fairtrade Malawi demerera sugar is grown by a co-operative of smallholders under the name of Kasinthula Cane Growers. The plantations and sugar mill producing the Fairtrade sugar are in the South of Malawi, situated in the plains of the escarpment along the Shire River. 

  • Cafeology Fairtrade Sugar Sticks White

    Packed in single portions sticks of 1000 x 3g

  • Cafeology Fairtrade Sugar Sticks Brown

    Packed in single portions sticks of 1000 x 3g