Fiorenzato F5 Grinder

  • Adjustable grinder from 5.5g– 9g per lever pull.
  • Available in manual. The barista operates the turning on and off of the grinder themselves, so they are able to manage the amount of coffee being ground very accurately.
  • Also available in Automatic where the grinder automatically refills the grind chamber as coffee is being dispensed.


Ditting Grind-on-Demand Grinder -  Model KE640

  • This model of grinder ensures a freshly ground espresso every time.
  • The programmable settings allow the barista to set the grinder to a single or double shot setting with the touch of a button.
  • Both the shot setting and the weight setting can be digitally programmed.
  • Waste coffee at the end of a day is eliminated as there is no grinder chamber to hold ground coffee