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About us

Cafeology limited

The name Cafeology comes from two separate words Cafe and ology resulting in a ‘coffee branch of knowledge’. All our coffees are grown in Spanish speaking countries where the word Cafe is the translation from Coffee. The definition of the wording of ology is ‘a branch of knowledge’. As coffee is grown on trees, it seemed like a perfectly suited match and Cafeology was born.

Formed in 2003 by Bryan Unkles & Andy McClatchey to address the requirements of ethically sourced beverages specific to the out of home markets, we have grown into one of the largest independently owned coffee companies in the UK.

We proudly specialise in sourcing the very finest ingredients available through sustainable and ethical, long-term partnerships with our producers. Each of our three principle brands Cafeology, Cafe Cereza and Roastology, have their own unique identities.

Each brand offers varying taste profiles suitable for every palette ensuring the very highest quality possible is maintained regardless of which member of the Cafeology family is chosen.

Pictured: Cafeology founders Bryan Unkles and Andy McClatchey

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Our mission

“To consistently deliver exceptional ethically sourced products selected by taste and sourced directly through long term relationships. Driven by a team of carefully chosen professionals who are selected for their passion and alignment to the core principles of integrity, accountability and a desire for perfection.”

As a proudly independently owned British company, we have built a market based on providing direct trade coffees from Central & Southern America along with a range of associated products including Tea, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffees and a host of ancillaries.

In addition to a comprehensive range of quality ingredients, we provide equipment through some of the most respected manufacturers worldwide including Rancilio, WMF, BUNN and Marco.

Cafeology ISO 9001:2015Operating to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, we believe by investing time and resources to this standard assists us to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Cafeology’s Quality Policy

Quality is embedded within all aspects of Cafeology’s business practices ensuring that we continue to innovate and continually improve our quality standards.

We are committed to our Quality Management Systems ensuring that we capably meet all applicable requirements in relation to our products, services and legal obligations so that we fulfill the specified requirements and reasonable expectations of all our customers.


Our commitment to all our interested partiers is demonstrated by our five core principles.


  • Social Responsibility – Our products and services are sourced ethically based on quality suitability and price but vitally adhering to ethical purchasing principles.


  • Sustainability – As we believe our planet is our most vital resource we source responsibiliy and sustainability minimising the impact upon our environment thus ensuring we use our influence where possible and consider our actions.


  • People Development – we employ on the basis of the best person for the job which is regardless of sex, race, age, religion and any other factors. Our people are developed to build upon their existing skills to acquire knowledge and experience in a non confrontational and motivtional environment.


  • Ethics– Our personal and business ethics drives all that we do and this ensures that we continually deliver our promises to all our interested parties.


  • Clear Vision– As we develop and maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to the requirements of ISO9001:2015 standard this allows us to communicate and be accountable for our vision and direction.

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  • Cafeology The Guardian Animal Hero Awards
  • Cafeology Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee
  • Cafeology Fair Trade Coffee
  • Cafeology Bird Friendly Coffee

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