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It’s important to Cafeology that we support our producers, financially and professional, and strive on ethically sourcing our beverage products.

Today we offer our clients one of the most comprehensive branded certified ethical range of ingredients.

Our Coffee Producers

Francisco Herrera


Asoapia Pereira

Asoapia Pereira

We are very proud that all our Colombian coffee is directly sourced from Asoapia in Pereira Colombia via Francisco Herrera and his team.

This relationship was established in May 2009 and this picture of Francisco was taken during a visit to La Clarita Farm, Colombia, by our managing director Bryan Unkles.

During this period of time we have developed a strong producer partnership and direct links like this help us to understand the challenges they face so that we can assist and also bring to life the complex, fascinating story the coffee has taken from the bean to your cup.

The organisation was founded in 2005 under the leadership of Francisco José Herrera Gallego who, seeing the need to stimulate the growers association in the area, began the process in order to strengthen their competitiveness.

The idea was to create an association to assist in accessing new markets to promote speciality coffees. Providing access to public and private sector aids and improve the quality of the coffee produced, in this way it would stimulate the development of the area.


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  • Cafeology Asoapia Colombian Omnigrind Coffee

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  • Private: Cafeology Asoapia Colombian Wholebeans

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Roberto Mata Naranjo

Costa Rica



Based in the world famous coffee growing region of Tarrazu, Coopedota are one of the most respected coffee growing groups in Costa Rica.

Headed up by Roberto Mata, a good friend of Cafeology’s, we have seen amazing progress since Bryan’s initial visit in 2008. The cooperative is made up of 769 members and was formed in 1960 with just 96 producers.

Coopedota are extremely focused on both quality production as well as the environment and were the first coffee producer in the world to receive Carbon Neutral certification.

Elevation: 1250 – 1860 meters

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Fine body with good acidity and a full bodied richness

Certification: Organic, Rainforest Alliance


  • Roastology Costa Rican Omnigrind Coffee

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  • Private: Roastology Cooling Towers

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Luis Urrutia

El Salvador

Apaneca Mountain Range, Cerro Cachio

Monte Sion

Owned by the Urrutia family, they have been producing coffee in this stunning part of El Salvador since 1907 and is now run by Luis Urrutia and his daughter Lilliana.

The coffee is Arabica-Bourbon variety, dried under shade in the “Cordillera de Apaneca”, an area known for having a favourable microclimate for coffee cultivation.

The farms are part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, which provides refuge for migratory birds that fly to the tropics to take refuge in freezing temperatures.

Aware of the environmental degradation and social problems facing El Salvador, the Urrutias are committed to preserving the environment and improving the living conditions of our workers through sustainable agriculture.Through our Cafe Cereza brand, we have been supporting the Fundacion Monte Sion Nuevo Amanecer for over two years donating a percentage of Cafe Cereza sales back to the community.

Elevation: 1400 – 1750 meters

Process: Washed

Tasting: Notes Well balanced, mild flavour with great characteristics

Certification: Rainforst Alliance


  • Cafe Cereza Monte Sion Filter Fine Coffee

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  • Cafe Cereza El Salvador Ground Coffee

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Cooperativa Cafe

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is a union of eight smaller cooperatives with a total membership of 370 small coffee producers from the highlands surrounding the town of San Juan del Rio Coco in Northern Nicaragua.

The cooperative produces a top quality washed Nicaraguan coffee, which typically features nutty and black-tea like aromas with creamy texture that makes it versatile and delicious across a range of roasting uses.

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is one of only a few cooperatives in Latin America that is actively able to segregate the production of their membership into high quality microlots that can be sorted for quality.
We purchase containers direct from the farm certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s Bird Friendly certification. This multi award winning coffee is one of the most sought after coffee’s in our range as many people recognise the environmental benefits choosing Bird Friendly coffee brings.

Elevation: 1250 – 1500 meters

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Fragrant, mid bodied with balanced acidity

Certification: Fairtrade, Organic, Bird Friendly

Our Tea Producers

Fahim Ahmed



Global Tea International/The Ridgways Tea Company

Ridgways of London was founded in 1836 when Thomas Ridgway opened his first tea shop in England's capital city. He quickly became well regarded for scouring the world for unique and exquisite teas from the finest tea gardens and then blending these to perfection.

Such was the strong reputation the company developed, in 1886 Ridgways was requested to produce a tea for Queen Victoria’s own personal use and indeed was later appointed as tea merchants to King George VI. Today The Ridgways Tea Company continues this tradition and so remains the choice of the true tea connoisseur.

Date Established: 1999

Number of Members: 1000+ (DIRECT FROM MEMBERS OF FUNDOPO)

Products: Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Coatings & Chocolate Bars

Certifications: BioSuisse, Fairtrade, Ecocert, UTZ, USDA Organic


  • Ridgways Assam Fairtrade Tagged Enveloped Tea Bags

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  • Ridgways Camomile Tagged Enveloped Infusion

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  • Ridgways Darjeeling Fairtrade Tagged Enveloped Tea Bags

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  • Ridgways Fairtrade Decaff English Breakfast Tagged Enveloped Tea Bags

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  • Ridgways Fairtrade Earl Grey Tagged Enveloped Tea Bags

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  • Ridgways Fairtrade English Breakfast Tagged Enveloped Teabags

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  • Ridgways Fairtrade String & Tagged English Breakfast Tea Bags

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  • Ridgways Peppermint Tagged Enveloped Infusion

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  • Ridgways Pure Green Fairtrade Tagged Enveloped Tea Bags

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  • Ridgways Red Berries Tagged Enveloped Infusion

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Our Chocolate Producers

Co-operative Plantation

Dominican Republic

Conacado & Yacao


Our chocolate is produced in the Dominican Republic by the Conacado and Yacoa plantations.


Date Established: 1985
Number of Members: 9,590
Annual Production: 6,500 / 13,300 Tonnes


Date Established: 1999 in the Yamasa region close to Santo Domingo.

Yacoa has grown from 84 families in 2004 to more than 1300 affiliated families in 2008 and is now established as a reliable local enterprise and exporter with social responsibility employing approximately 30 permanent and up to 60 seasonal workers. In addition to its Fairtrade trade certification it is holds organic certification including internal control systems.

The co-operative uses the Fairtrade premium by 42% going directly to the farmers with their written commitment to use the premium for improvements of their cocoa plantations. A further 42% handed over to local groups to invest in community projects such as purchase of material for meeting facilities or ensuring water supply and community roads construction. The balance 16% is put aside for the administartion of the small farmer organisation Fundopo.


  • Cafeology Fairtrade Instant Hot Chocolate Sachets

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  • Cafeology Hot Chocolate

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  • Cocoaology Fairtrade Bar Hot Chocolate

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  • Cocoaology Fairtrade Instant Hot Chocolate

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Our Sugar Producers



Terra Milling

In a typical year, the mill processes some 875,000 tonnes of sugar cane from its factory area and produces 93,000 tonnes of sugar.

Demerara sugar tasting notes: a distinctive rich aroma and crunchy texture. Perfect in coffee as a topping on crumbles and cakes.
Certification Fairtrade

Terra Milling is part of the Mauritian Sugar Syndicate. In 2015, the Syndicate enlisted the support of the Mauritius Fairtrade Cooperative Federation who together encouraged an extra 13 cooperative credit societies to become Fairtrade certified, bringing the number to 38. Fairtrade sugar production has consequently seen a 68% year on year increase and the Fairtrade premium is benefiting 6,000 planters in Mauritius.

Terra has been actively involved in the management and cultivation of the resources of Mauritius since 1838. They are working towards a world where the needs of every individual can be met, without compromising those of the next generation; a world where they can balance the development of people, society and the environment for a better and secure future.


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