Regardless of which member of the Cafeology family you choose, we have a host of Branding ideas to support your coffee shop and help promote your offer.

With each of our brands having unique and differing appeal, we are able to provide bespoke branding to ensure regardless of size, the branding fits with your ideas.

Of course we also understand that some customers may wish to develop their own branding and ideas, which as your chosen coffee partner, we would always be happy to assist in designing.

Through our own in house design team, we provide mock up images of areas on how they will look prior to any work commencing. This gives a great and clear image on how the area will look and can be altered to your preference.

Although we have Brand Guidelines across our three principle brands, we take a proactive approach with our customers and provide flexibility on how our branding will appear. The integrity of our brands are crucial but we also understand every one of our customers’ requirements vary greatly which is why flexibility essential for a long and successful partnership.

Examples of our work

Cafeology Branding 1
Cafeology Branding 2
Cafeology Branding 3
Cafeology Branding 4
Cafeology Branding 5
Cafeology Branding 6
Cafeology Branding 7
Cafeology Branding 8
Cafeology Branding 9


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If you'd like to know more about any of our product ranges or services, our commercial team would be happy to help!

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