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Coffee Shops and Cafes

As an independently owned business, we understand the importance of providing expertise and assistance to individual businesses. Through our many years of experience we can assist and guide you through every step in providing a bespoke and premium coffee offer.

This includes advice on marketing, branding, as well as ensuring the correct SCA accredited Training is provided.
We are on hand to advise on equipment which would be most suited to each individuals requirements.
We offer the following :

  • A choice of three branded coffee’s offering various blends; Cafeology, Cafe Cereza and Roastology. We can also provide your own bespoke coffee, working with our team at the Roastery.
  • A comprehensive range of Rancilio, BUNN, Marco and WMF equipment.
  • Brand support and point of sale material including branded crockery.
  • SCA Accredited Barista training to include product knowledge and practical assistance to produce the perfect drink every time.
  • UK and Ireland service cover
  • A full range of ancillaries to compliment the offering.

If you have a coffee shop, cafe or are indeed thinking of taking the step of opening your very own site, then we would love to hear from you.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

We work with a number of educational outlets across the UK. This includes both Further and Higher Educational Institutions as well many schools. As our business provides fully traceable beverages, we are perfectly positioned to promote the advantages of ethically sourced products.

Through many Universities and colleges, we have provided fully branded and bespoke coffee bars as well as a number of mobile concepts, providing solutions across many of the most demanding environments.

We believe in total engagement of the supply chain and wish to provide valuable information on the sourcing of our products. This also includes visits to organisations from our producers as we look to connect the consumer with the producer, something which we have been heavily involved in since we began direct trade coffee in 2008.

We specialise in creating a branded concept that can generate greater interest through strong brand imagery whilst highlighting and promoting the importance of ethical sourcing and the quality behind our brands. We can also provide a full range of equipment for every application in a host of different ways including lease, lease purchase, outright purchase or loan. All equipment of course will be supported by our national network of service coverage.

If you would like further information on the options available we would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.

Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants

The leisure sector provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the importance of not only serving the best quality coffee but serving the drink correctly and consistently as so often small mistakes can ruin the experience completely.

This is why we spend time tailoring the drinks menu to your needs plus training the staff serving to ensure that they not only have the technical knowledge but also the passion to stand out from the rest.

We recently launched our Nespresso Compatible Capsule range which has provided huge popularity within the bedroom service of luxury hotels. All the coffee is roasted here in the UK to ensure maximum freshness.

We work with a number of independent operators as well as national and international restaurant and bar groups delivering premium beverages and equipment for a host of different demands.

Prior to forming Cafeology, our Managing Director Bryan Unkles, worked in this sector for a number of years providing coffee solutions and carries a wealth of experience required to ensuring quality and consistency are achieved at all times.


We understand that in today’s world, demands for coffee –on-the –go continue to rise. We believe that regardless of the environment, we should ensure quality remains at the very highest levels.

At Cafeology, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect solution for the modern day traveller as expectations continue to rise.

We have considerable experience across the rail, shipping and the airline industry, providing solutions from freshly ground speciality filter brew coffee, to a range of fully traceable coffee bags Our equipment range includes fully certified bean-to-cup tractionised coffee machines as well as a host of other brewing units perfectly placed for the industry.

We are also noting considerable growth in our 100% Traceable ground coffee bags within this industry.

We would be delighted to share with you our experience if you would like to talk to one of our team.

Office Coffee

Over 2 Billion cups of coffee are now consumed away from the home in the UK, showing no sign that consumption of coffee is slowing.

Coffee is a commonly consumed beverage in the workplace and can be considered an integral part of workplace culture. Coffee breaks are more encouraged in the modern working environment as it provides social interaction with fellow employees.

Here at Cafeology HQ, it comes as standard as our staff always have an opinion which creates a healthy working environment. From small offices of half a dozen people through to large corporate businesses, we provide a number of various solutions. This includes small filter machines to large Bean-to-Cup machines providing up to 400 cups a day.

If you feel your office coffee could do with a ‘pick me up’, please contact us for a chat.

Entertainment and Sporting Venues

After exercise or of course spectating, a quality coffee bar or beverage offering is the ideal way to compliment your sports facilities. We work closely with several types of venues, and although the requirements and offers vary greatly, there is always a common theme; Speed of Service.

We provide solutions for back and front of house including the very latest BUNN Bulk Brew equipment, brewing large volumes of fresh coffee to Gold Standard, to rapid Bean-to-Cup systems. For kiosk service we provide and the latest Uber fonts from Marco, which work perfect with our In Cup range using microground coffee where speed is the priority.

Our single serve ground coffee bags also provide an ideal quality solution when time is precious. Individually wrapped, they provide a quality brew in two minutes using our finest ground coffees.

Our experience includes Football & Rugby stadiums, theatres and sports & leisure centres.

Charitable Organisations

As a British company based with a foundation built on morality and ethics, we proudly work with a number of charitable organisations across the country as well as donating to the Monte Sion Foundation in El Salvador.

We support several not for profit organisations throughout the UK as we appreciate the importance of building a strong balanced community and businesses should pay an integral part in supporting these very valuable assets.

Our client base includes national accounts and independent organisations, each with their own unique requirements.

How we can help your business

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