Steve's Indonesian Adventure

Steve’s Indonesian Adventure

Having worked in the hospitality trade for over 15 years I felt that I needed a change of direction. I got to know Cafeology as they supplied the pub where I was working at the time. They were on the lookout for a new delivery driver. I applied for the role and as luck would have it I got the Job.

It didn’t start to well as I managed to scratch the van in the first week ( I think they have forgiven me by now) but things improved very quickly

At this time I was enjoying the odd latte with two sugars, I wouldn’t dream of trying an espresso let alone think of where I am now. Some years passed and my passion and interest in coffee continued to grow and develop, first the sugar went, then I moved from Latte to Americano to filter coffee and even Espresso. Now you will be hard to find me without a nice black filter coffee, (or the odd craft beer)

Cafeology wanted to start Roasting some of their coffee for the local Yorkshire market, We had some long discussions and I was given the opportunity to head up our new project ‘Roastology’. I jumped at this chance and we started setting up our very own Roastery based in Sheffield. My education into coffee really started to kick in, I passed my SCAE foundation & Intermediate ‘Coffee Roasting’ qualifications at the UK HQ of Diedrich Roasters, I then passed my (now) SCA Green coffee & sensory skills qualifications. I started to visit all the coffee festivals around Europe and even got the chance to demo some of my espresso on the Rancilio stand at this years London coffee festival. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I am lucky to know a couple of Q graders that have really helped me develop over the last year.

I am now then Head of Coffee at Roastology and love my job, I get to try new origins, roast coffee, create new products, work with customers and basically, I get paid to talk about coffee all day, lucky guy

At Roastology we have created some fantastic products and I am really hoping this trip will allow me to learn so much more as well as give me the chance to source some brand new fantastic green bean.
I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and stay tuned for more updates as my trip develops….
That’s it for now… Steve out

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