Three Sheffield Local Graduates at Cafeology

Three Sheffield Local Graduates at Cafeology

Daniela Orrego Payán – International Producer Development 

Degree: LLB Law & Criminology, MSc Management & Entrepreneurship 

University: University of Sheffield 

Your story with Cafeology: I was in London voting for President for Colombia, when I got a phone-called from a friend saying that there was a trip to Colombia the following day with a coffee company called Cafeology and that she couldn’t go, so if I wanted to go. Before I knew it, I was on a flight heading to Bogotá with Cafeology and the University of Sheffield representatives. During the trip I had the chance to meet Bryan and the producers from CENCOIC and Asoapia, we visited the farms, had a couple of meetings and I was able to share my knowledge of Colombian culture plus do plenty of translations. 

When I came back to the UK, I finished my master’s and Bryan and I continue to be in touch. After a couple of months, I was offered a part-time job at Cafeology as International Producer Development! Read more about my story with the company here: 

Biggest challenge: Learning all coffee related terms in both languages! It has been like learning a new dictionary, but it’s been extremely fun to learn from both sides of the coffee supply chain how they communicate 

What value do you add to the company: My knowledge of Colombian culture, I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and since a small age I have been involved in the coffee industry. My Dad is from Armenia (one of the cities from the coffee triangle) where we used to visit regularly. Playing in the coffee fields and having strong relationship with the coffee growers was part of my life in Colombia. I understand the struggles and challenges coffee growers face when they want to export their products, but I also have the academic knowledge of business from studying at the University of Sheffield. I believe that with the mix of understanding Colombian culture and UK culture I can bring great value to the relationship Cafeology has with our producers. 

What does a normal day at work looks like for you: I work Tuesday and Thursday and during that time I try to divide my work between digital marketing and liaising with the producers in Colombia. However, I have had the chance of getting involved in other areas of the business that has always been interesting to be. Like implementation of processes in SMEs, auditing and even working with HACCAP. 

Last month, I had the biggest challenge of organising Pacho (our Colombian producer) visit to the UK. Along-side Bryan & Andy we visited over 20 clients and participated in different activities from meetups to Q&A sessions. I also organised the Colombian themed party to celebrate our 10th year anniversary working with Asoapia. It was a great experience and challenging one! 

Why do you enjoy working here: The coffee industry is a fast-growing field that has a lot of things to learn and challenges! Being Colombian I am very fortunate to work at a company that values the coffee farmers as much as they value the customers. Cafeology has always been proud of the strong relationship they have with their farmers and now I am part of making that relationship even stronger. 

People are the focus of Cafeology from our coffee growers to the customers but also our staff. Everyone that works at the company is very welcoming and have made my experience at the company unique. 

Favourite single origin coffee: Colombian, of course 

How do you take your coffee: Espresso black with a spoon of Panela 

Liam Worsley – Coffee Production Specialist

Degree: BSc Biology 

University: University of Sheffield. 

Your story with Cafeology: After graduating, my career path was uncertain. I had just graduated with a first in biology and now I had to decide what I wanted to do with it. I knew I wanted to stay local to Sheffield so I decided to search for local businesses that require my skillset. I knew of Cafeology, as they supply coffee to my university, so when I saw their advert for a graduate job I was instantly intrigued. The more I researched the company, the more I knew I needed to snap up this opportunity. I spent a long time crafting my application and CV to give me the best chance of getting to the interview stage and after two interviews I was delighted to be offered the role alongside another fellow graduate. 

Biggest challenge: My biggest challenge so far has been coffee cupping. We taste all of the coffee that we roast as part of our quality control process and learning to develop my pallet to be able to distinguish between our different coffees has been a challenge. However, the guidance I have received has been outstanding and my confidence has grown massively since my first cupping session months ago. 

What value do you add to the company: Studying a science at university allowed me to develop a critical, analytical mind which I can apply to any task laid before me. It also awakened a curiosity within me that helped to nurture a thirst for learning. This thirst for knowledge not only keeps me asking questions but also helps me to better understand everything I do so that I can continue to improve and excel within my role. 

What does a normal day at work looks for you: The bread and butter of my role involves roasting and packing coffee at our roastery, as well as running our newly implemented composting project where we are working to reduce our black waste sent to landfill through composting. However, my role within the company does include variety such as: quality control, working at our head office, taking part in events, barista training, warehouse picking and any other duty that comes my way. 

Why do you enjoy working here: I love working for a company that cares so much about the people they work with and the people they employ. I also feel like my work is valued and that I can make a real difference within the company. Moreover, the company’s commitment to the environment is very close to my heart and I look forward to working more in-depth within this area as my career progresses. 

Favourite single origin coffee: Ethiopian. 

How do you take your coffee: As a filter coffee, black no sugar. As an espresso, Americano or flat white. 


Alastair Dolbear – Coffee Production Specialist 


Degree: BA (Hons) Photography 

University: Sheffield Hallam University 

Your story with Cafeology: Following a degree in photography at Sheffield Hallam University, I had already identified that I wanted to assign my skillset into a new industry. My search for a job role was long and hard fought, however upon finding the role of Coffee Production Specialist at Cafeology I was completely captivated. This is where my story at Cafeology begins and week in week out my skillset is now being used, challenged and improved through a wealth of new industry experience. Now 3 months in, I am developing my role further into new challenges and projects.  

Biggest challenge: The biggest challenge for me at Cafeolgy has been trying to absorb the shear quantity of new information. The coffee industry is extremely vast, diverse and at times complex and it was initially very difficult to appreciate that I can’t learn it all in a day! Now better time management and a degree of patience is allowing me to learn all areas of the coffee production process in detail.  

What value do you add to the company: I am a creative, innovative and driven individual who has the ability to apply my skillset to any situation so that I can learn and overcome any obstacles. I believe my energy for what I do and my passion for this industry adds value to my role. I use my creative skills learned from my arts degree to add flare to social media and to create innovative problem solving solutions. I am an extremely sociable character and am very confident in front of customers which is one of my favourite elements of the role. My ability to adapt and willingness to learn is ultimately what has helped me succeed and develop in my role. 

What does a normal day at work looks for you: A normal day at work covers all elements of the production process. Firstly, by roasting the coffee, packing the coffee and then delivering the coffee. Finally, a further element of my role is to teach people how to use the coffee correctly so we can maintain the high standard of coffee and excellent taste.  

Why do you enjoy working here: The energy in the work place makes me want to get out of bed every day for work. Not only is my role extremely interesting, varied and exciting but also the fact that I am part of something far bigger and my contribution to this industry is having a positive impact on people all over the world. The new challenges I face and knowledge I have to learn motivates me and it is due to a fantastic team of people around me that I am inspired on a daily basis to do this.  

Favourite single origin coffee: Ethiopian 

How do you take your coffee: V60 Filter – Black 




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