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At Cafeology we have a responsibility to grow without compromising resources for future generations.

We believe our planet is our most vital resource which is why we source responsibly and sustainably minimising the impact upon our environment, ensuring we use our influence where possible whilst considering our actions at all times.

Cafeology has always stayed true to its core principles of ethical sourcing and sustainability.

As a business we have always believed that by looking carefully at all aspects of our supply chain and continuing to develop responsibly has been vital in our continual development.

We manage our responsibilities very carefully by fully understanding and managing the whole of our supply chain.

In relation to our environmental policy we look very closely at all that we do in order to assess how we are able to reduce our environmental impact. This can be either on a direct basis or indirectly where we are able to make a difference and influence areas where we feel improvements can be made.

Across all areas of Cafeology we proudly embed sustainability and social responsibility into all of our processes, operations and developments ensuring our business practices protect the ever changing issues of sustainability


All our coffees are directly sourced through solid long term relationships and therefore fully traceable and exclusive. The green beans are imported into the UK for our three principle brands and all roasted in the UK.

Within our Cafeology range, we also have our unique award winning Bird Friendly coffee. This coffee sourced directly from producers in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras  and is one of the most environmentally friendly coffees in the world. This organic coffee is Fairtrade certified and has Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centers (US), Bird Friendly Habitat accreditation.

This coffee requires a variety of native shade trees throughout the coffee plantation which results in a unique-tasting coffee—its rich flavour comes from beans maturing slowly in the shade.

It’s imperative to protect the tropical forest that remains and rehabilitate degraded ecosystems and Bird Friendly® is the only 100%-organic shade-grown coffee certification available.


Our policy ranges from areas that we have a direct influence upon such as reducing our energy consumption by roasting our coffee’s on a unique German built “Neotec” roasting system which uses a high powered hot air stream to “convection” roast the coffee. Traditional roasters typically use conduction of heat through a revolving steel drum.

The key feature of this technology is that it offers much greater control over the rate at which the heat is absorbed into the bean by repeatedly measuring and adjusting the volume and speed of airflow many times a second.

One very important note of this roaster is that the efficiency of this system in transferring heat quicker and with less moving parts also offers greatly reduced energy consumption and therefore emissions and, by virtue of being German, also now feature a catalytic converter to reduce carbon output to stringent Swiss standards.

Our commitment to the environment also is clear at our brand new artisan roastery in Sheffield. We use industry leader Diedrich ensuring care is taken over the environment as well as producing fantastic coffee. The infrared burners on our IR12 & CR35 roasters to reduce noxious gas emissions. Efficient roaster design reduces operating costs. This cleaner roasting process allows us to bring out the true quality of the bean.

Our premises & business practices

We constantly monitor our emissions can have on an everyday level such as operating in a paperless manner where possible, switching lights off and making sure that we fill kettles to required levels rather than needless energy consumption. Such routine small daily tasks if undertaken sustainably have a massive impact upon our environment. We also make choices in a sustainable manner such as operating with a fleet of hybrid cars alongside a new low emission vans.

Cafeology have ongoing commitments to reduce our carbon footprint and set clear sustainable objectives.

In October 2015, we opened our first, in house Warehouse facility which is based at Vantage Park junction 34 M1. The tremendous sucess of this operation has resulted in our relocation to a larger new premises located nearby in June 2018. Our new premises have already brought many business and logistic efficiencies and as an energy rated grade A new build  which has been built to the very latest BREEAM specifications. The new warehouse has been accredited with a BREEAM Very Good standard which has been approved by the Local Planning Authority.

BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building’s environmental performance. It encourages designers, clients and others to think about low carbon and low impact design, minimising the energy demands created by a building before considering energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

The location of the Roastery and warehouse makes a perfect base as close to intersection of the M1 at junction 34 so gives easy access to routes across the country whilst offering bespoke customer meeting areas showcasing our coffee machines alongside our award winning coffee’s which makes the perfect venue for us to host you.

The Vantage Park project was part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme 2007–2013, Priority 2 - Supporting and Stimulating Successful Enterprise. The aim of the finance project is to help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs.

The industrial park also sits within the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

We currently use Carbon Footprint Ltd for the calculation and offset of our footprint. Last year this included the planting of 60 trees at QEGS Boys School in Wakefield.

We have also recently introduced a bespoke Carbon Footprint tracker that will be working in conjunction with our ISO 9001:2015 qualification.

Cafeology’s new Carbon Management will provide clarity of direction and well defined set of projects that will enable us to work to our own targets alongside our supply chain requirements such as regular reporting to our customers.

In line with our environmental plan we are able to supply line detail to our customers in relation to the volume of goods ordered and their Carbon Footprint impact. This information will assist the clients in understanding the importance of ordering efficiencies and also the value that weekly outward bound telesales can achieve in collating deliveries.

Our supply partners & social impact

In areas of our supply chain where we unable to directly control but are able to influence we choose to work with supply partners that align to our core principles in relation to ethical sourcing and sustainability. All our supply chain partners become approved suppliers as they equally care about their own environmental impact.

An example of this is our traditional machine partner Rancilio who has formed an alliance with Treedom. Since its foundation in Florence in 2010, over 250,000 trees have been planted in Africa, Latin America and Italy. All the trees are planted by local farmers, thus producing environmental, social and economic benefits.

We work with Coope Dota in Costa Rica who was the world’s first certified producer of Carbon Neutral coffee.

In addition to considering both our direct and indirect environmental impact we care passionately about the lives and welfare of staff and trading partners including our producers, customers and employees.

We are involved with several direct social programmes in El Salvador and Colombia whereby we are able to directly positively impact the lives of the farmers and their families.

In December 2016 we were able to fund a full day out for Monte Sion farmers in El Salvador and their staff to enjoy time away from the farm. We are able to do this by sending a direct percentage of our sales to the farm so that they were able arrange transport, security, food and entertainment which gives people a rare day’s holiday away from their working lives.

This type of direct relationship helps bring the consumer closer to the producer and allows us to provide an exclusive insight on how we are assisting our producer partners in the field over and above recognised consumer marks.

At Cafeology we believe that sustainability should be and is at the heart of all that we do as the small things matter accumulate and grow to provide a long term sustainable option.

This can be evidenced by a number of sustainability awards including;

Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

Natural Capital

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RSPCA/Daily Mirror Animal Hero Awards

Outstanding Business of the Year

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European Business Awards for the Environment

Business & Biodiversity

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